My relationship with food began in the kitchen of my grandmother who was a self proclaimed pastry chef. The desserts that she designed and her ability to bring my family together sparked a life long love and passion within my life. I learned to express myself through food and to satisfy any artistic inclinations that were brewing inside of me. You see, I believe that food is art, food is love and ultimately it always brings people together.

The education I received at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY gave me the training to develop personal techniques, enhanced my knowledge of food and the culinary industry and consequently prepared me for the role I am in today. I was granted several opportunities to work with geniuses in the field like Ferdinand Metz, Ming Tsai
and Marcus Samuellson. Marcus later offered me an apprenticeship that led to my first job as a Garde Manger for Aquavit in both New York, NY and Minneapolis, MN. My tenure with Aquavit ended when I was in the role of Sous Chef and I decided to take the lessons I had learned and start my own business.

Currently I manage a culinary consulting firm that specializes in menu planning, private parties and in home dining. My focus is to extract the most absolute flavors from food while ensuring that only natural processes and ingredients are used. As a result, my recipes are typically organic, macrobiotic, kosher and vegetarian.

I prepare each dish with one goal in mind: to ensure perfection through flavors and presentation. My food will remind you of your past and teach you how to eat for your future.